Figure 0 - Build the disposable camera flash Taser
Build the disposable camera flash Taser

This project shows you how to turn 1.5 volts into almost 400 volts, creating a hand held device capable of charging high voltage capacitors or delivering a low current high voltage shock. Using only the tiny circuit board from a cheap disposable camera, you can step up the voltage from a single AA battery to a level that is three times higher than the voltage coming out of your AC wall outlet! Of course, the output current is extremely low, but make no mistake - the high voltage output from this handheld taser/zapper is painful enough to make anyone jump up to the ceiling.

This circuit can also be used to make a small florescent light inverter, front end charger for a Marx generator, or any other device needing several hundred volts of high frequency power. Voltages over 1000 volts can also be generated from this circuit by increasing the DC power supply or by changing the single transistor to one that can handle a higher current. Of course, the circuit shown here will deliver more than enough voltage to make you afraid to test the device on yourself more than once!

*Figure 1 - You will need a typical disposable camera with a flash Any type of disposable camera that has a built in flash will work for this project as they are all based on the same type of charged capacitor operation. A quality camera or flash unit will not be the best choice though as they have a lot more circuitry, unlike the disposable camera, which is made as simple as possible to keep the costs of manufacture low. A new or used camera will be fine, but if the camera has taken many flashes, you will probably need a new alkaline AA battery to get the full potential out of the high voltage charging circuit.

If you have actual photos that you intend to keep then let the store remove the film canister and then ask for the camera body back. Opening the camera in the following steps will destroy the film, if it is still inside the camera. If you don't want to destroy a new disposable camera for this project, then ask your local camera shop if they would give you a few used camera shells as they normally throw them out. Sometimes, they will hand over an entire bag of camera shells for you to use in your high voltage experiments, and sometimes they will look at you like you are some kind of lunatic. Hey, there is always the dumpster out back as well for the hard core junk collector!

Figure 2 - Remove the plastic or paper branding cover
Figure 2 - Remove the plastic or paper branding cover

Many of the disposable cameras are the exact same under the paper or plastic branding wrapper, so just cut or rip it away to expose the main plastic camera shell body. At this point, you are still safe from an accidental shock you will never forget, so don't worry about that evil high voltage capacitor lurking inside as you peel away the cover. During the next few steps, you may want to consider wearing gloves if you have never experienced a 400 volt shock or have some fear of electrical jolts.

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